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trust and care

With trust and care

Haven is a specialized team in Christian funeral service. We follow through every step of the process to provide a personalized, inclusive, and one-stop experience. From handling necessary documents, communicating with the church, planning the funeral service, and placing the memorial plaque, we go through the process with the family to honor the departed.

When unexpected events occur, Haven is able to coordinate between each department under a well-structured operation.



Haven has served numerous families by arranging funeral services at each funeral home and in different churches in Hong Kong. As we are associated with Doulos Hong Kong Limited, a Christian charity, families can also ask Doulos’s pastor to officiate the service when needed.


Haven respects the wishes of the deceased and keeps a close communication with the families to ensure that we understand the families’ needs. We put our best foot forward to take care of every detail of the funeral that follows the church’s culture. We also provide personalized service to include the personalities of the deceased and the memory of the family to honor and give gratitude to the loved one.
For more information on funeral services’ details and fees, please give us a call.

professional team

Our Team

Haven follow through every step of the way and cater the need of the family.
Funeral Director

Our funeral directors learn the family’s background and need to provide suitable options to organize a personalized funeral service.

Funeral Coordinator

Our funeral coordinators are selected out of thousands. Our attentive coordinator ensures the service runs smoothly and orderly, even when unexpected events happen.

Funeral Designer

Our funeral designers communicate closely with the family to personalize every detail in the service, from the picture at the reception table to the decorations, creating a comfortable and heart-warming environment.

Makeup Artist

Our makeup artists observe the facial features and preserve the best natural self of the loved one with professional skills and experience.

We stand fast to our position

Strive our best

We strive to provide professional and high quality service to get through your sad times.
Funeral Musician

Our teams of pianists, bagpipers, flutists, violinists, and cellists honor the departed with hymns and create a calming atmosphere.

Funeral Florist

Our florists hand-selected fresh flowers to arrange flower baskets and wreaths to represent kindness and gratitude from families and friends.


Our pallbearer has gone through body handling and pallbearing training with a neat appearance and professional attitude. We also have female members specially trained to take care of female bodies to cater every need.