Hospice Care Funeral Service

Hospice Care Funeral

Service includes

Haven local pallbearing team works closely with organizations and hospitals that provide hospice care services to provide body transportation services and transfer the body from the designated location to the funeral parlor safely.

Below is a brief procedure

Once Haven received the call from the doctor or the organization in charge of the patient’s case, the pallbearing team will arrive at the designated location within 2-5 hours (if the call is received at night, the team will arrive in next morning)
Haven’s team meets up with the doctor and goes to relevant departments to collect the issued documents
Our team will prepare and transfer the body to the mortuary with freezing facilities in the funeral parlor
If the family wishes to know more about the next step of how to prepare a funeral, Haven can give details and suggestions and provide services accordingly.
Our frontline team is well-trained and well-equipped for taking care of bodies and handling caskets safely and professionally. Female staff can be requested according to the family’s needs.