We hope to follow the God’s way home, There, no tear is shed

Burial Service

$48,000 / $65,000

Service includes

Haven’s frontline team is well-trained to take care of bodies and carry caskets to make sure everything is safe and sound during the funeral service and burial service. Haven provides a one-stop service, from getting the hospital documents, applying for burial, communicating with churches, booking venues, assisting the funeral service, to arranging niches and headstones.

Families can choose to bury their loved ones at the cemetery after holding a funeral service at the church, the funeral parlor, the hospital mortuary or the public mortuary.


Funeral Service

A one-day funeral service can be held at the church, without any disturbance of other religious rituals. Funeral services can also be held in the evening at a funeral parlor, followed by the cremation service the next morning. Or the family can choose to have a family gathering at night and hold the funeral and cremation service on the next day.

.Black mourning shrouds

.Colored Portrait with frame

.Online funeral invitation
.Reception Decoration
.Door Sign


.Tour bus

.Retrieving Hospital document

.Handling Death certificates

.Booking of Crematorium

.Arranging for flowers


More includes