Funeral Home Service
As our beloved rest in peace, returns to your one true place, there is no doubt and pain.

Funeral Home Service

$29,800 / $36,800

Service includes

Funeral services can be held in the evening at a funeral parlor, followed by the cremation service in the next morning. Or the family can choose to have a family gathering at night and hold the funeral and cremation service on the next day. A funeral service includes sharings, singing praises, reading the Bible, pray-reading, and last viewing led by the pastor and the preacher. Haven provides a one-stop service, from getting the hospital documents, booking cremation service or applying for burial, communicating with churches, booking venues, assisting the funeral service, to arranging niches and headstones.
Funeral Home

Personalised Funeral Service

Haven’s funeral director and designer take care of every detail in a funeral, such as the portrait of the deceased, the decoration on the reception table, the memorial video, and the memorial corner. We can also add personalized details, such as one’s favorite color or story in the funeral invitation and other print materials.
Haven also understands the current needs of different families and provides live streaming, and photo and video shooting services.

.Black mourning shrouds

.Colored Portrait with frame

.Online funeral invitation
.Reception Decoration
.Door Sign


.Tour bus

.Retrieving Hospital document

.Handling Death certificates

.Booking of Crematorium

.Arranging for flowers


More includes